Mary And Isis Relationship

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“Queen of the Throne” also known by her Greek name Isis, an Egyptian goddess known for her popularity throughout Egypt. Isis is described as “she who gives birth to heaven and earth, knows the orphan, knows the widow, seeks justice for the poor, and shelter for the weak” suggesting that she was considered to be more than simply a mere mortal. She is known as queen in every Nome, but she was also known by a bewildering number of names and titles throughout ancient Egypt and took on the aspects of many other goddesses. This resulted in a fairly complex relationship with the other gods and goddesses. The controversy or distinct observations made by scholars suggest that there is a distinct iconographic relationship between Isis and Mary. There are even suggestions that the basis of the relationship is a direct link between the cult of Mary and that of Isis. There are many factors that have led to the assumptions that Christians deliberately adopted “pagan” cults to mark Christian…show more content…
These two great Egyptian deities, whose worship passed into Europe, were revered not only in Rome but in many other centers where Christian communities were growing up. Osiris and Isis, so the legend runs, were at one and the same time, brother and sister, husband and wife; but Osiris was murdered, his coffined body being thrown into the Nile, and shortly afterwards the widowed and exiled Isis gave birth to a son, Horus. Meanwhile the coffin was washed up on the Syrian coast, and became miraculously lodged in the trunk of a tree. This tree afterwards chanced to be cut down and made into a pillar in the palace at Byblos, and there Isis at length found it. After recovering Osiris' dismembered body, Isis restored him to life and installed him as King in the nether world; meanwhile Horus, having grown to manhood, reigned on earth, later becoming the third person of this great Egyptian

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