What Is The Principle Of Unity In The Birth Of Venus By Sandro Botticelli

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Sandro Botticelli uses many different Art Principles in his painting The Birth of Venus, to show how his painting comes together to form this amazing piece of work. Each artist uses a different element or principle of art which helps bring their work to life. The Birth of Venus includes different principles, starting with the principle of Unity. I see Compositional Unity in this piece of art. I notice how Zephyr, the god of the west wind and another goddess, appear to be in a circular appearance. Venus is enclosed around a shell, which is also circular, creating unity. The bright colors of the ocean, mixed in with the dark colors of land, creates this balanced piece of work, which creates the visual of controlled chaos. The background is a little dark and implies that a storm is coming; however, the foreground is bright and it brings a lightness to the painting. Not only did Botticelli add Unity to his work, but also made sure that Venus was the Focal Point of the painting.…show more content…
The painting is focused on Venus. Everything in the painting is focusing all of our attention towards the center. The background lays flat to give attention to the foreground. Venus is surrounded by trees, people and flowing flowers. You can see the eyes of the three gods are on Venus, implying that she is the Focal Point of this piece. The green peninsulas are pointing toward Venus and you can see the eyes and the gestures of the gods directed toward Venus. This was done intentionally by Botticelli. Without a Focal Point, the painting would just be filled with objects without a real

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