Ancient American Women Compared To Today

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In the past, there were many roles of women that influenced society in Ancient Assyria compared to the roles of women that influenced society in modern day United States. There are many similarities and differences between the roles of women in ancient Assyria and modern day United States. The roles of women has changed tremendously. They [Women] were treated as servants in the past, then they [Women] were treated respectfully in modern day United States. However, they are still treated like how they were treated in the past. My thesis states “How did women’s rights change from ancient Assyria to present day”? Assyrian women were the strongest, most talented, and skilled women in ancient time. They [Women] were not treated equally as men were…show more content…
Women now have equal rights. “In the past, women were to stay at home, take care of the housework…and teach the children by raising them with chores, discipline, and help with their homework” (Women in today’s society, 2). Compared to today’s society, “Many women work outside of the home—or even in the home—for pay” (Women is today’s society, 2). Most women nowadays attend colleges to continue on their education and careers. They [Women] work at jobs to make money to have a successful life. In their [Women] careers, women get involved and volunteer more than men do. Women now take new responsibilities in their careers. “Women have always been treated as the inferior sex, and perhaps this because this is the way it has been treated since the beginning of time” (The role of Women in today's society, 1). For example, Oprah Winfrey was a women who was a victim of sexual abuse when she was a teenager. Women were treated the same way that Assyrian women were treated. In today’s society many women wear tight clothes to objectify themselves and to attract men around them. Which urges men to commit adultery or rape women by how they…show more content…
In ancient Assyria, women had no rights and there were not enough jobs for them to make money except for working in factories in which they were treated as servants. Their [Women] roles were mothers, wives, and housekeepers. In ancient time, life for women was not only difficult for them but also stressful for them. Many women were murdered, raped, and got their throats cut. In today’s society however, there are many things that have changed in the roles of women. Women now have equal rights, they are attending colleges for continuing on their education and careers, and working outside their homes. However, women are still not equally treated as men are treated. This has been this way since the beginning of time. “Equally between men and women has not been an easy road to travel…But each little stride that is taken is one step closer to a better world for women—of today and of the future” (Women in today’s society, 3). Women who work their hardest and achieve their goals, they can have a successful life and are traveling to the road of

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