The Lottery Persuasive Essay

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Daniel Yeung Professor Michelle ESL 005 3 June 2015 Sometimes It Is Not As Simple As What We Think In life, human judges by how the surroundings affect them. Everyone has a different way of estimating the value of an item. Wealthy family may think money is not important, but the poor family have a contrast ideas about money. "The lottery" by Shirley Jackson, introduces the readers a wonderful village that people live happily in. However, the incident happened in the village has a huge difference with what most readers have imagined. The village lottery culminate a bizarre ritual that suggests how dangerous tradition can be when people follow it blindly. The ending have twisted the whole meaning of the story. The marked paper doesn’t represent…show more content…
It surprises me that some of the villagers are supporting the way they celebrate the lottery. It is not about the way they celebrate the event anymore, but the way of their thinking. Instead of stopping the tradition, people like Warner enjoy killing others. "Seventy-seventh year I been in the lottery," said by Old Man Warner(jackson). It is ridiculous that a man suffer seventy-seventh didn't want to stop the lottery even though he become one of those powerful man in the village. Although they live in a wonderful village full of beautiful flowers and grass, their thoughts are terribly wrong. The Lottery explores sudden shifts in opinion and loyalties – in other words, hypocrisy. The ritual of the lottery appears to be so naturalized that the villagers can't think rationally or critically about what they are doing. It is only us, as outsiders, who can really confront the madness of this ritual. In fact, it's the earnestness of the villagers that's so particularly…show more content…
"The children had stones already. " by Jackson. First of all, they kill people with stones in front of the kids. Secondly, they encourage the students to join the event and kill people together. It doesn't make any sense to encourage children to kill others because lives are valuable, and they can't be replaced once they are dead. In other words, the adults are misleading their children that they can earn happiness by hurting others and it is legal to kill someone during celebration of their tradition. They really seem to have convicted that, because they all drew for it, they have the right to murder a member of their community. It is contradicting as adults are supposed to teach their kids to treasure lives. In contrast, they are cruel and dangerous that they want their children to follow the wrong

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