Point Of View Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Shirley Jackson an author that pushed past boring housewife life before going into a horror genre and doing extremely well in it. Living in a small town she used it as a base of some of her writings like this one. “The Lottery” was a very controversial story with small towns across the country when it was published. The story “The Lottery” is a story that must be read carefully to fully understand what is happening in the story and to do so analyzing the point of view, setting, and style. The point of view of “The Lottery” is a third person and limited omniscient point of view. The narrator talks about what everyone does when they arrive at the square and also what Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves did to prep for the lottery. The narrator does not know what the people of the town are thinking while the husbands are collecting their papers waiting for them to be opened and revealed. The narrator tells you about the small whispers from the villager’s during the process but never what is actually happening in the choosing families or villagers’ minds.…show more content…
This setting seems like a happy social environment with adults talking and the children playing. Until Mr. Summers gathers everyone's attention it becomes quiet for the most part with small whispers between neighbors the happiness dies down a bit. Whim the husbands start to draw their paper slips the social environment and mood change more into a nervous crowd of anxious wives and children. People are telling each other everything will be okay and not to be nervous. “‘Watson’ The tall boy came awkwardly through the crowd. Someone said, ‘Don't be nervous, Jack,’ and Mr. Summers said, ‘Take your time, son’”

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