The Consequences Of Hazing In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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A long time ago people in rural villages in America used to do dreadful lotteries. This might be a controversial problem. Some people might take this as an insult toward traditions performed by several american cultures. There is severe tradition between both sides regarding this story which eventually ended up banning this story from libraries. This story mainly focuses on a small village that has the tradition of stoning a known villager to death every year. But between “The Lottery” and hazing have many things common such as blindly following traditions, how traditions pass on, and not realizing how dangerous the traditions are. When compared to hazing, Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” reveals that people often follow dangerous traditions without analyzing their harmful effects. The first reason why my thesis is accurate is how people…show more content…
People in both hazing and “The Lottery” do not pay attention to the many different consequences that will later on affect them. “It isn’t fair, it isn’t right,” Mrs. Hutchinson screamed and then they were upon her. Only at the end one of the villagers realized what they were doing was wrong since they were the victim. If you are the victim you know how awful it will be losing your life for a lottery. Stated by Consequences of Hazing “An organization found responsible for hazing may lose housing (where applicable) or lose recognition from the College.They may impose membership sanctions (probation, suspension or expulsion) and those that receive housing, scholarships, or financial assistance through the national organization may lose all of those benefits.” These were stated on a college’s website stating the terrible consequences if anyone was caught hazing. When you haze someone you technically make them lose their self esteem which is mean. These are some reasons why people do not think of the consequences of

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