Analysis Of The Pleasures Of Eating By Wendell Berry

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Have you ever thought to eat responsible for your own good? If not, you should think about it. According to Wendell Berry, author of “The Pleasures of Eating” argues to eat responsibly is to live free. I agree with him to eat responsibly is like living free you get to choose food that not controlled by other people. He states eating is an agricultural act but people don’t think of themselves as participants in agriculture. “They think of themselves as consumers. If they think beyond that, they recognize that hey are passive consumers.”(Berry) In order, to change that people should choose better choices on what food to eat. Some suggestions are to check the labels of your food more often, perhaps grow your own food, and prepare your own food.…show more content…
Busy or in rush consumers don’t take their time to check labels properly. People should know what is exact the food made from, how fresh it is, and where it comes from. One label to catch your attention is “farm fresh” which means the product is fresh and grown from farms. Others could be “all natural”, “organic”,” made with,” “cage free” are labels that have consumers to buy the food product. Although sometimes the front-of-package labels is the nutritional information to catch your attention but if you flip it to back-of-package label state the truth of the food ingredients. All these labels are used now because since 2003, U.S organic food sales have doubled to $25 million. In 2008, a third of all new products are claimed to be natural. There are lots of well-labeled foods that can help answer the question if the food was responsibly…show more content…
It will give you the quality control and know what has been added to your food. We all know fast food and processed food are not healthy. To be healthy you shouldn’t buy fast food as a daily basis. “They’re fake food made in factories,” says David Ludwig, M.D, Ph.D., director of the pediatric weight loss Optimal Weight For Life Program in Boston. Instead make your own food, cook a proper meal. You save money on making your own food and its benefits you in many ways. For instance cooking kills harmful bacteria that can harm us if your immune system is poorly. Preparing your food helps digest food better by receiving denatures proteins. To take full control of your food is to be free. “We can’t be free if our food and its sources are controlled by someone else”.

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