Analysis Of The Pleasure Of Eating By Wendell Berry

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In “The Pleasure of Eating,” Wendell Berry argues that we need to stop letting others control what we eat. That we are responsible for our own decisions, and that we need to eat healthy. I agree with berry, most people do not know what they are consuming, and sometimes although they know it is unhealthy they still have a reason for why they eat it. One of the reasons why people eat unhealthy food is because of the way it is advertised. Print advertising aims at children, who often influence parents’ decisions. Once advertisements get the kids’ attention many parents feel the need to buy what their child request. In “If You Pitch it, They Will Eat,” Davis Barboza says, “Big foods marketers like McDonalds and Kraft Foods Inc. are finding every…show more content…
Many people do not know that the less they watch TV, the less chances they will feel the need to buy junk food. It does not matter what TV channel they watch, or if that person is a kid, a teenager, or an adult, food advertisements are promoted in almost any channel there is. “Congress and the federal Trade Commission have to get tough with the food industry. It’s time for the food industry to clean up its act and not advertise junk food to young children, just by banning ads for fast food, one study says we could decrease obesity and overweight by 17%.” Dr.Victor Strasburgeer from the AAP said. It is incredible how marketers can control what we decide to eat. The worse thing about all this is that the marketers do not mention all the negatives that consuming this food will bring to people’s…show more content…
With the average teen in the U.S. seeing 15 food ads a day, commercials' influence on you can add up, especially when you consider that these ads can affect how you eat without you knowing it.” Although we are responsible for what we eat, we have to realize that all this advertisements do end up persuading us. Before buying unhealthy food, we need to think about how healthy it is. We need to not let ourselves let all this food marketers make wrong decisions. Parents always worry about what their kids are eating but parents themselves do not notice what they are buying them. Instead of giving their kids chips as a snack they should give them fruit. Instead of buying a burger after school they should buy them a salad or at least something that will be healthier than a burger. Parents also have to give their kids the example of what healthy eating should be like. Not only by not buying the junk food that is advertised but also trying to minimize the time of TV all the family

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