Heroin Overdose Case Study

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The 48 hours episode entitled “Kiss of Death and the Google Exec,” explains a murder surrounded by secrets and scandal. In Santa Cruz, California, on November 22, 2013, Forrest Hays went out on his boat and never came back. After his disappearance was reported, police searched his boat and found him. The pathologist and toxicologist likely called in to help investigate determined that he had died of a heroin overdose, and the police began to look for clues of the events that surrounded his death. They found two used wine glasses out, indicating there was someone with Hays when he passed away, and they found footage on the video cameras in the boat showing Alix Tichelman with Hays before his death. Once the police looked further they found that this was not the only drug overdose case that Tichelman was present for. She had been the one to call in the overdose of her fiancé just a few months before the death of Forrest Hays. Stephen Baxter and Michael Daly were reporters for the local newspapers and acted as the major consultants for the 48 hours team. Upon investigating further, it was revealed that Hays had put up a profile on a dating website which later led to the identification of their suspect. The most important piece of evidence help by the…show more content…
The prosecution will most likely offer a plea, because there is not sufficient evidence to prove that this was an intentional act. The police officers should have interviewed her further and worked to get a confession, because unless they can prove that this drug was tampered with or that she knew she was injecting a lethal amount into his system, the best they will be able to convict her of is the prostitution charges they threw in to keep her in the city and maybe negligence since she did not call the police. The defense has a strong case this time and the prosecution will not have an easy time convincing the jury beyond a reasonable

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