To Kill A Mockingbird Calpurnia Character Traits

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Character Analysis of Calpurnia I may not be a servant to a white family in the 1930’s, but I see myself in the woman that is Calpurnia. Her controlling demeanor, her intelligent comprehension, and her protective instincts are all things I identify myself with. Her imperious behavior is something I can relate to. The strong authority she shows toward Jem and Scout sometimes intimidates them. The kids often threaten to “go tell Cal,” (Lee, 106) if the other had misbehaved. Even Atticus tells the children that “‘you do as Calpurnia tells you,”’ (Lee, 154). He admits to knowing that, “‘She’s been harder on them in some ways than a mother would have been,”’ (Lee, 155), but he acknowledges that Jem and Scout love her. I can relate to this aspect of Calpurnia because my bossiness occasionally comes in between my sisters and I as it does between Calpurnia and Scout. Though I may sometimes be hard on my siblings, I love them with all my heart, and I know that Calpurnia feels the exact same way. She puts her own needs after theirs, which may be…show more content…
She realizes that there are some things she can not change: “‘I just can’t help it if Mister Jem’s growin’ up,’” (Lee, 132). Although Calpurnia can not change the way others view her skin color, or her dialect, she acknowledges that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Her lights are pretty good (Lee, 155) according to Atticus Finch, and she is one of four people in her church who is literate (Lee, 141). Calpurnia instructs Scout in the ways of calligraphy; she also attempts to teach Scout the characteristics of a girl. My way of thinking is quite similar to Calpurnia’s. Like Cal, I enjoy guiding my sisters through challenges and instructing them in area’s unknown. I accept the fact that some things are beyond my reach, but I acknowledge that there are some areas that I can modify. As one can see, my mindset is quite parallel to Calpurnia’s intelligent

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