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In his article “ Is face book making us lonely?” Stephen Marches describes how the world has narrowed itself by means of social media. “We are in the 21st century and we have technologies for each and every small and simple thing.” From ancient times, people have used simple machines to make their work convenient and efficient. The early days of human civilization has bound us by curiosity. Because of that curiosity, we are where we are now. Had there not been technology, today we would still be living in Mesopotamian civilization. Technology doesn’t make us alone because it keeps us connected to all the peoples around the world. One way that technology keeps us connected to the people around the world is through telephones. In the modern days,…show more content…
These days, social media like Face book and Twitter are very popular. Every small update of the world these days is done in social media. People update every small detail of their day-to-day life in the social media. For example, Jeena, my colleague had her son’s birthday party last week. I was not able to attend it but I was able to enjoy the entire event and the pictures of the party in her profile and my other colleague’s profile. People can even know about any important social update on the social media. For example, John was at work after he voted in the election. He was very curious to know about the results of the election. He just opened his twitter and boom; he knew that the democrats won. He didn’t even have to see a newspaper or watch news in the TV. Social media narrows the world in its server. Everything gets updated so quick that we don’t even have to wait until the results of the action. These inventions of social media have made life easier spreading the news and knowledge in fast pace and reducing the distance from each…show more content…
Being far from family and friends we would like to see what are the changes in them. Technology has helped us do that as well. There are video conferencing apps like Skype, Viber, face time and many more. Not only we can talk to our family, we can even see them live on videos, see how the society has developed after we left it. For example, Becky is from China and she is missing her cherry festival that the country celebrates every year. She can do video conferencing with her friend in China and look at all the activities going on in there. Likewise, Stephen works for a multinational company. He has to set up a branch in Bangladesh and train the employees newly hired there. He can do video conferencing with them and give the overall knowledge about the products manufactured by his company. We can benefit a lot from technology as it connects every moment of today’s life and does not make us

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