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The Beastie Boys The Beastie Boys are impossible to classify. Known for being the first white rap group with a reputation for being reckless and sexist in their lyrics (contemporary musicians). Born and raised in New York they were originally hardcore punk rock. Formed in 1981 by Mike Diamond A.K.A Mike D (born: November 20 1966, vocals and drums) and Adam Yauch A.K.A MCA (born: August 5, 1964-May 4, 2012, vocals and bass) along with guitarist John Berry and future Luscious Jackson member Kate Shellenbach as the drummer (contemporary musicians). The foursome recorded and released Polly wag Stew in 1982 on Rat Cage Records (Placeholder1). The following year Adam Horovitz A.K.A Adrock…show more content…
With the start of Grand Royal, they released their third album check your head in April of 1992 earning double platinum status (contemporary musicians). Then in 1994 they released ill communications debuting in the number one spot on Billboard’s album chart (contemporary musicians), and continuing to get better with age. The Beastie Boys hit the nail on the head with Hello Nasty in 1998. Earning them Rolling Stone’s artist of the year (Boys) and two Grammys, Best alternative music performance for the number one title track, and best rap performance for a duo or group for “Intergalactic.” The Beastie Boys have released three more albums to date to the 5 boroughs (number one 2004), the mix up (number 15, won a Grammy for Best Pop instrumental album) and hot sauce committee part two. On May 4 2012, Adam Yauch A.K.A MCA died from cancer. His will prohibits the use of his music and “artistic property” for the use of advertising purposes after his death. As for the remaining two Beastie Boys only time will tell what they have up their

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