Themes And Lessons In Greek Mythology In The Iliad

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Themes and lessons that are present in greek mythology has influenced literature and the way people perceive life. Stories in greek mythology tend to be very lengthy and distributed into different sections, but within those different sections there are different themes and points to be reached. In the Iliad there are many different trials that Odysseus has to face but he strives to return home no matter what. After returning home for sometime, he finally meets with Penelope and are reunited. Johann Tischbein painting depicts what the atmosphere and the scene would have looked like during Penelope’s questioning and in Linda Pastan’s poem she describes the suffers that Penelope had gone through during Odysseus’ absence. In the painting Penelope…show more content…
She has lost the feeling of reality, that now only things she makes is real in her eyes. “Only my weaving is real”(line 16). In Penelope’s life there has been so many changes since the war. Odysseus is away at war, Telemachus is away training to go into battle one day, and the obnoxious behavior of all the suitors in her home. Her weaving could have been the only thing that was keeping her sane. Her weaving was also the only constant thing in her life, everyday it would be there waiting for her continuation to reach completion, just like she’s waiting for…show more content…
The dark shadows casted onto Penelope’s maid, created a dark atmosphere in her figure. Since the maid is behind of Odysseus it appears that she intends to do harm to him or is very cautious of him and will take any possible actions to protect Penelope. Penelope’s body language appears to be restricted or uncomfortable. She has her legs and arms crossed over her body, almost seeming as if she wants to protect herself. Based on her face expressions she appears to be contingent or questionable of Odysseus. In the Iliad, a scene was described when Penelope was questioning Odysseus to see if it really was her love. Odysseus appears to be relaxed and let his guard down because he is in front of his wife. He’s looking seriously at Penelope but also looks upset because he has longed for her for so

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