Lalee's Kin: The Legacy Of Cotton

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The pastoral cycle is a circle that consist of four phrases called Experience, Social Analysis, Theological Reflection, and Pastoral Planning. This is a tool that catholic social teaching to understand what the problem is and how to solve it (social analysis). Throughout the film Lalee’s Kin: The Legacy of Cotton, we see the lives of Lalee Wallace and the effect of poverty has had on her family for generations. A lot of these kids are living in poor conditions. Majority of the population is African-American. Most families are in welfare and live in trailer parks. In one scene there was a point where kids were bathing in paint buckets. During the time of this film, we see the struggle the Mississippi Delta education system and how this young kids are the results of years of these struggle. Experience is the first phase of the cycle. Experience is the step were one identifies the problem and tries to get to understand the issue. As pragmatic Americans, we often want to move quickly from the problem we see before us to forging solutions and taking action. In the film with in the first scene I was effected by what I was watching. These citizens, specifically Lalee’s grandchildren, were in conditions that should be fit for anyone. What really affect…show more content…
Social analysis is used to look at various institutional and structural factors – they may be economic, political, social, and/or cultural forces – that are at work (Mich L.). Within those ideas Mich gives us an example of social analysis. There was a school that hard a park across the street were they were homeless people who would congregate and ask the parishioners (Mich L.). They began a social analysis with the economy to trying to decide how the resources of their community are organized (Mich L.) It was discovered how the lack of education forced those who lived in the inner city to accept low paying jobs (Mich

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