Saaam Film Analysis

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Salaam Cinema Film Review Documentary seeks to present factual information about the world whereby the filmmaker asks the audience to assume that the film presents trustworthy information about its subject (Bordwell & Thompson 2011). In films, they offer the audience various ways for experiencing, along with viewing exactly what they find gratifying. Films tend to not merely just help to develop a thought or perhaps exploring visual qualities and sound textures but also, take audience on a journey, giving them designed practical knowledge which helps engage their minds along with their emotions. In the case for this film review, it seeks to examine the film Salaam Cinema and its various techniques and styles that attempted to capture the real in the film. In the film Salaam Cinema,…show more content…
Makhmalbaf was portrayed as the director of the film but at the same time, his production team was tasked to film the entire scenes of audition as part of the documentary that was the real intention of the film. This brings about the enhancement of realism in cinema veritè. It strips out the anticipated image that suspends the viewers' scepticism when viewing the film. "In reflexive documentaries, the film making strategy transforms into one of the essential focuses of thought" (Buckland 2008). From this, viewers have the limit to see everything that makes the film, from the equipment and lightings, to the director and the stage itself; the realness in this film revealed it in its making. Large portions of the takes and changes were likewise long, which enhanced the slant of realism inside the documentary. Through such scenes that focused on association in its realism, Makhmalbaf exemplified the realness of documentary which showed a dialog between the film maker, the crew and assistant, the subject and the audience, and frees the expressive segments from subordination to

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