Symbolism Of The Song 'Two Kinds' By Amy Tan

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Adrielle Lee ENGL-1302 Mrs. Black 16 February 2015 Symbolism in Two Kinds by Amy Tan Years after Jing-Mei decides to stop playing the piano, her mother offers to give her the piano. She does not accept the piano when her mother offers it. Jing-Mei takes the piano when her mother dies. After her mother dies, Jing-Mei visits her childhood home and chooses to play the piano and plays the song that she played for the show years ago. The song was named “Pleading Child” and on the opposite page was named “Perfectly Contented,” the rest of the song. These songs symbolize Jing-Mei’s character. Occasionally Jing-Mei comprehends and desires to satisfy her mother. Sometimes, she just desires her mother’s attention. The songs demonstrate the type of individual that Jing-Mei had been to her mother.…show more content…
The mother is persuaded that Jing-Mei has a gift that must be expanded so that she will have a sturdy future. At first, Jing-Mei and her mother try multiple activities in order to find a prodigy. “We didn't immediately pick the right kind of prodigy” (Tan 377). It also signifies the trickery that Jing-Mei used to make her mother and instructor trust that she really is putting in effort in piano lessons. But in reality, she was faking it. Throughout her life, Jing-Mei had trouble with her education, partly because she did whatever she wanted to instead of listening to her mother. “In fact, in the beginning I was just as excited as my mother, maybe even more so. I pictured this prodigy part of me as many different images, and I tried each one on for size” (Tan 377). Jing-Mei stopped going to school once she found out that she did not get accepted to the college that she had dreamed of going to. Once the pattern begins of quitting when the going gets tough, this pattern follows in other aspects of

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