Fear Michael Grant Character Analysis

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People everywhere are split up based upon beliefs and what culture they are a part of. This is how our world is split up today. In the book Fear by Michael Grant there is a spilt in society, there is Sam’s group, and Caine’s group. All of the kids living in Perdido Beach have decided to either follow Sam or Caine. Both of the groups are living happy and peaceful lives. The barrier that keeps everyone inside the dome is slowly turning black, and Sam is getting a feeling that something bad is going to happen. With Quinn’s bravery in the FAYZ, and Caine’s Bad leadership, the FAYZ is turning into terrible place to be. Also with the wall changing color, fear has been struck throughout the FAYZ. Quinn is not afraid of anyone. Quinn saved his friend Cigar from penny who had…show more content…
As you may know the wall of the FAYZ is slowly turning dark, and everyone living in the FAYZ does not know the cause of it. The first person to notice the change was Quinn and now the news has spread like wildfire (Smile)☺. I predict that when the FAYZ turns completely dark that the town will go insane, and no one will be able to lead them out of the mess they are in. The change in the wall is very uncanny to all of the kids living in the FAYZ. This will likely result in an outburst in the FAYZ, because of the fear. Which also leads to, Albert will take over the FAYZ. Albert is affiliated with everyone in the FAYZ, many of them listen to him. Albert does not contain and powers, but is still looked up to. “ Who would you say are the ten most powerful people in the FAYZ. Number one is Albert, Then Caine. Sam. Lana” (Grant 101). If Edilio thinks Albert is already the most powerful, he will most likely be in control. I predict that if Albert is in charge, Caine will get upset and attack Albert. Caine wants to be the most powerful in the FAYZ. With the FAYZ turning dark and Albert possibly taking over, the FAYZ could go to garbage. (Metaphor

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