American Sub-Cultural Analysis

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Zach Jones ANTH 2351 - 452 May 3, 2015 Common Assignment on Media and Culture 1. Identify by name, four different cultures represented during the 90 minutes you observed. Include the following among the four: ◦ at least two sub-cultures that represent generational changes within the same culture (for example, parents and children), and Adrian’s American and his Direct Superiors American Sub- Culture. Tuan and Trinh’s Sub-Culture ◦ at least two cultures that come into contact with each other at a geographic location. Adrian and the Military Cultures American and Vietnamese Cultures Explain how language helped you to recognize that the cultures were different. This movie has actually has several levels of cultural differences.…show more content…
Also there are sub cultural differences like when Trinh and Tuan argue over whether or not Trinh can have a relationship with Adrian and when Adrian’s superiors don't like his music selections for the radio station because of the difference in age. The first example of cultural difference takes place between Adrian Cronauer and his military superiors when Adrian is drafted and sent to Vietnam to host a radio show. He does not stick at all to the rules set forth by the authorities in the military. For example, when he goes out for a drink at Jimmy Wah’s bar, he lures a Vietnamese girl over to his table with money. It is against the rules to fraternize with the locals. Another example is in his radio shows when he makes fun of the military and President Nixon. An example of sub-cultural difference is evident with his direct superiors in the military who also have the same American culture Adrian has. His direct superior, Lieutenant Steve Hauk does not like Adrian’s music selections of Rock n Role and current music of the time. He wants more traditional music played. Also, the American general who is above the lieutenant in Saigon who doesn't appreciate Adrian’s comments about the military actually likes his music picks because it raises…show more content…
This is shown when he wants to make Trinh like him using American customs that were popular in his country. There also was a language (Chapter 4) barrier and Adrian try to overcome that by taking over Trinh’s English class. Often in situations in a country when there is political unrest, military is the top power (Chapter 14). This could have been why he thought he could have Trinh. Another example that is very evident is the concept of marriage and kinship (Chapter 13) and how in Vietnam, before someone can date, they must have an introduction by the families and how men and women usually are not friends. Also it is very evident that globalism (Chapter 1) is affecting the country in that the United States feels that to ensure trade and economy remain, the US must intervene to stop the spread of communism. In this conflict though, the cultures of the Vietnamese and America

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