Why Did The Confederate Win The Civil War Essay

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Given the Union’s strength, the Confederacy was likely to lose. To win, the Confederacy had to destroy Northern morale. Even though the war was long and bloody, Northern morale remained. The morale of Union soldiers was vital. The Union was further supported by the fact that four slave states, Delaware, Missouri, Maryland and Kentucky, stayed faithful to the Union. This gave confidence to the Union knowing they wouldn’t have to fight four extra states. The Confederacy wished to make it through the war by trading materials with Europe. But, the Union used its naval force to apply a tight blockade. But, in 1861 most Southerners thought that the Confederacy was the favorite to win the war because of the size of the Confederacy. The Confederacy’s total size, 750,000 square miles, was an…show more content…
As abandonment and hostility increased, Confederate resistance collapsed from internal conflicts that indicated further struggle impossible. The Confederacy lost because its people did not motivate hard enough and long enough to win. Not even all the people inside the 11 Confederate states were dedicated to the Confederate cause. Questionably, the Confederacy failed to generate a strong sense of nationalism. Thus, when the going got tough, Southerners found it tough to keep going. In truth, however, Southerners had a solid sense of individuality – a belief that they shared cultural morals at likelihoods with those of the rest of the country. What mainly set them apart was slavery, the backbone of the Confederacy. The strong point of patriotic feeling in 1861 produced 500,000 volunteers for military service. Southern politicians, clergymen and newspaper editors tried there hardest to secure support for the Confederacy. The war, which gave Southerners a new set of heroes and which also created a unifying hatred of the enemy, strengthened feelings of national

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