French Culture Vs American Culture Research Paper

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Throughout the world, culture ranges from the west coast to the east coast. No country expresses their culture in the same manner; however, neighboring countries can seem comparable. Modern day American culture is recognized among current French culture. This phenomenon is because most famous movies, songs, actors and actresses originated in America. French culture is also noticed throughout American culture. French fashion like Chanel and Louis Vuitton and many other countries “fads” cross over to America, through traveling and most importantly, the media. Tourists often think about areas to visit on vacation and pass up the thought that they are going to a different country, which has a different culture, or way of life. Many tourists find…show more content…
In France, citizens take their love of food seriously. Instead of driving to McDonald’s for a quick and cheap meal of chicken nuggets, French citizens go out to dinner at fancy restaurants (Delp). France possesses many of America's food and snacks, but France is more strict about preservatives. There are less preservatives in French food and as a result, the French version of our American foods have a taste difference (Hale). Although France has many McDonald’s and other American foods, the citizens prefer to savor their food, since mealtime is a time to enjoy and not just a time to consume food (Delp). French students receive an hour and thirty minutes of lunch during the school day because lunchtime is a sacred time, as well as a much needed break to share with friends. American students receive, on average, about thirty minutes a day for a quick meal during the school day (Le Billon). This shows the importance of meals, relationships and time to French citizens compared to American…show more content…
French citizens are raised to look for love or emotional fulfillment. This is different from American culture because most of the time we are raised to be kids as long as possible and wait until we are older to find a significant other. French children are taught to search for love because it can come in a variety of different possibilities. The French exhibit romance and passion at a younger age than Americans. Half of the current generation of children are, in fact, born from unmarried couples (Ollivier). America has the right to freedom of speech, but certain types of free speech, like defamation, are prohibited to be on major media outlets. Today, total defamation is impossible due to the internet, but our government still attempts to censor other media outlets while French broadcasters face criticism due to the lack of censoring of military operations and civilian unrest. “The government has been accused of preventing the publication of materials that may be considered counter to the interests of the government or influential industries” ("Are French and American Media So Different? You Might Be Surprised”). The French seem more relaxed than America on the topic of censorship and expression of

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