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“If you want a Rebel Flag, Nothing Beats the Original” (If You Want 1). The anonymous quote would spark a picture of the Confederate flag; however the image is a flag that has seven red stripes, six white stripes, and a blue corner with 13 white stars in a circle. The flag is the original American Flag, the flag that led the fighting rebellious colonists, to victory against the world’s greatest army, and the flag that stands for the freedoms valued by every United States Citizen today. The original American Flag is a time honored symbol of the fight and struggle the original rebels put into this country. The flag is America’s first sign of a successful rebellion, what’s the difference in the Confederate Flag? The Confederate Flag is being…show more content…
The Stars and Stripes flew over America on its first day, and its last. It has flown every day in between, including over slavery. However it does not carry the same burden the Confederate Flag carries. The Confederate Flag did fly over slavery Mr. Jones states it clean and clear once again, “Human slavery existed in America from 1619 until 1776 under the British Flag. It existed from 1776 until 1865 under the American Flag. The highest good that came from America’s Civil War was that slavery was abolished forever” (Jones 1). Slavery was ended. Every other single flag mentioned still flies unquestioned in the sky. The Confederate Flag’s slavery representation disappeared when slavery did just as it did for the American Flag. It no longer is used to publically assault African Americans. It is no longer the sign for the horrendous treatment they endured. The true meaning of the Confederate flag today may be best shown in an old TV show, Dukes of Hazzard. Bo, Luke, and Daisy show the mischievous, free willing, and law testing attitude of the people who fly the flag today share. Americans challenge things from the time they are young. They challenge climbing the stairs as a young child, as a teenager they challenge administration during homecoming with pranks, and adults challenge the views on every day conflicts. The Confederate Flag is a symbol of people’s rebellion

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