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Alterations in Poetry through History INTRODUCTION Mark Twain stated in his autobiography that no idea is original, all ideas are derived from previous ideas. With each new trend in the world of literature, we witness the variations in writings styles and structures, yet the themes and central ideas seldom undergo alteration. Throughout history, poets have been immortalising their works, and therefore themselves, by means of channelling their creative talents and penning down their contemplations on the affairs of love, heartbreak, dejection, and inspiration. These themes remain universal till date and will continue to be until the human race lives on. ON LOVE Centuries ago, a man from humble circumstances composed sonnets on subjects of love…show more content…
Though there are many mysteries about the identity of the man we call Shakespeare, one can admit that the mind which composed these lines was true genius. Since then poetry has been altered greatly by the changing trends. The nature of poetry written in the contemporary times is very dissimilar to the poetry that was produced before. It is rarely structured and occasionally the poets let inaccurate grammar run rampant in the guise of ‘poetic license’. The words used are crisp and to the point instead of painting vivid images using poetic devices. Rhyme and Rhythm are given less importance by many contemporary writers. Rupi Kaur is a modern English poet whose book ‘Milk and Honey’ has come to be a New York Times bestseller. In her book, she has discussed love and heartbreak along with several sensitive topics such as sexuality, abuse, alcoholism, and feminism. Her writing style is short and there are no punctuation marks present in her prose-like poetry. The theme of love remains but it has changed a lot from the past idea of ‘true love’ and ‘love that only wanted happiness of the beloved’. The love that Rupi Kaur speaks of is more physical and sexual in…show more content…
This style of poetry has been termed as ‘prosetry’ which is a combination of the previously existing forms of prose and poetry. It is the most popular form of writing among people who take up poetry as a hobby. ON HEARTBREAK As long as men have loved and given their hearts to another, there have been those who break those fragile hearts which were given with faith and devotion. The theme of heartbreak and the feeling of rejection is as old as the theme of love. People with broken hearts turned to writing poetry for tending to their fragile spirits but now we witness numerous people making turning to drinking their sorrows away. In his poem ‘When we two parted’, George Gordon Byron who is better known as Lord Byron, described the separating of two lovers. The narrator speaks of how their bond has been severed and how the relationship will be mourned by him. On the other hand his partner has grown cold and moved on from the relationship. It recites the story of how one of the lovers will lament what they had and how his pain will never diminish in magnitude. “In secret we met: In secret I grieve That thy heart could forget, Thy spirit could

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