Mid-Term Paper On The Book Of Proverbs

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Isidore E. Sharpe Professor Kenneth Yelverton OTS 400: Wisdom Literature 7 November 2017 Mid-Term Paper on the Book of Proverbs The Book of Proverbs was written by the penmanship of Solomon, during the earliest days of monarchy, near the end of the sixth century. It is written with instructions, sayings, poems and riddles (Clifford, 45). Most biblical books beside wisdom literature does not announce the authors. Proverbs is about living well, and enjoying our surroundings as a divine gift. We live out proverbs in our everyday walk, without systems of thought. The Book of Proverbs is written to teach a person how to walk in the “fear of the Lord,” with understanding on how to reverence God, to live a successful life, growing in wisdom, and learning how to live with undue trouble.…show more content…
Instructions are to aid young people to adapt and not to cause society to change. Sayings is known as apparent truth, with a summary that involves fullness of thoughts. Proverbs highlights character and it has to be performed, which means it has to be applied to situations. The wisdom in Proverbs is broken down into a threefold dimension; the sapiential is a way of seeing reality, the ethical is a way a person conduct themselves, and the religious is a way of relating to the orders of God. The combination of ethical and sapiential languages appears throughout the Book of

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