All About Me Narrative

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One day I was just sitting in my cell at the Brookmount mental hospital. I was waiting for my morning pills. I hated sitting and wait for the guard to get me out of my strait jacket because I didn’t wear it I would end up in the middle of the night hurting myself. One night before I had a strait jacket I got up and tried to dive off the top bunk into the toilet. I ended up busting my head open and getting a concussion. I finally got my pills and I was always loopy after I took them but something was different today. I woke up again with a weird looking witch stirring a pot with rainbows overhead I thought I had to have been dreaming. I walked over to the witch and she turned around and she said come so I came to her. She told me to look into the pot and it was my mom she was lying asleep in her bed. The next thing I knew I was being thrown into the pot by some…show more content…
I looked around nobody was home I thought it must be a hallucination. I went into the bathroom to splash some water in my face I looked back up and saw my mom in the mirror. I started to panic I kept splashing water in my face but nothing changed. I was still my mom I had no idea what to do. I wanted to relax so I went to the living room and went to sleep. I woke up in what looked like the camera room and it just had lots of screens with all the cells and people at the hospital. I looked for my room and there I was sitting there panicking I knew it had to be my mom. She got up and there came the guard she started screaming “ I’m not supposed to be here help!” I wanted to go help her so I got up to walk out the door. When I came out the door I was in what looked like a break room somewhere. I walked around and one of the co-workers there handed me tons of papers and told me to get to work. I wandered around for what felt like an hour I find my mom’s desk finally. I sat down and opened up the computer and tried to act like I was doing
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