Alexander The Great Research Paper

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Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was one of the most influential and powerful leaders of ancient Roman times. Over time, the cultures of Greece thrived as a side effect of Alexander’s influence. He won many great battles and was the king of Macedonia. Alexander was truly a great ruler. Alexander the Great, who in 15 years never lost a battle, was a fantastic military leader, scholar, and king who also created a large empire that reached from Macedonia to the fringes of India. Alexander was an un-defeated and well known military leader who won many important battles. “Alexander’s tactics and strategies are still studied in military academies today” (“8 surprising facts about Alexander the Great”, He won his first battle at the very young age of 18 and from there, he only improved. “Alexander’s conquests created a legend that would provide the standard b which other leaders measured their careers” (“Alexander the Great”, His example is still…show more content…
He was born in Pella, Macedonia to royal parents. “He was educated by the philosopher Aristotle” (“Alexander the Great”, Aristotle taught him stories such as Homer’s epic poems “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey”. These stories inspired young Alexander to become a heroic warrior. After his father’s death when he was 19, Alexander became the new king of Macedonia. After gaining control of his father’s army, he set out to conquer and rule as many cities as he possibly could and eventually went on to build a massive empire. “He was invincible in both siege warfare and set battles” (“Alexander the Great”, Alexander was clearly and extraordinary leader with many advanced tactics. “His movements were marked by speed; his logistical, intelligence, and communications operations were flawless; and his ability to improvise was unrivaled” (“Alexander the Great”,
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