Alcohol Addiction Research Paper

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Alcohol is a kind of addiction that affects people in many different ways. Those person who drinks a lot and make it as a habit of everyday drinking usually went to a serious of harmful doings. It can make people act in a not normal way though having a small amount of alcohol is good for but if it becomes an addiction it can ruin lives and to be honest it can bring a lot of unhealthy doings and can create harmful actions to the society. Those people who were heavy drinkers are usually at high risk. A particular problem among young ones is doing the binge drinking which is too much and can be a higher risk of long term alcoholic addiction (Ministry of Health 2015). Alcohol depends on the level of intake that has an effect of sleep-inducing…show more content…
HPA took over all functions who previously undertaken by the Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC). They do national marketing campaign and other communications such as providing online tools and other information about alcohol example is the website that can be found on their website. In this people may assess on their own drinking and to learn more about alcohol and its effects. They also provide advice and support to increase the awareness of alcohol screening and brief interventions in health services and others. They also co-finance the Alcohol Drug Helpline for easy access to the people. They are also collaborating with the community groups and organizations to encourage innovation in alcohol issues. They also give advices and make proposal in making a research on alcohol related issues (HPA,…show more content…
The work of meadows is to keep knowledgeable with new therapeutic, more useful ways of solving addiction problems and bright ways of applying resources. They are working with local communities, schools and health organisations. They respect and committed of treating such kind of addiction and looking for new innovative treatment and trying their best of what they can do to help the people manage the best recovery. They also have collaboration, evaluation, quality improvement and rapid adjustment for changeable needs of the outcome if the programme is effective and fitted to the needs of the people that they are trying to help (The Meadows 2012). The third and fourth preventive program is based on New Zealand Society on Alcohol and Drug Dependence (NSAD) which were Care NZ and Kina Trust. In Care NZ they help those people who are struggling with alcohol and drug dependence and change their lives for the betterment while on Kina Trust it is an institution who helps to understand on how addiction effect on people’s lives. They educate people and giving information, support and give

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