At Pappachi's Funeral Mammachi And His Wife Dialectical Journal

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1. I believe that this cartoon connects to the section that I have read. In this image, this girl has been reluctantly been forced into prostitution. You can see that the little girl is scared for what is going to happen to her next. Probably, someone had forced her to become where she is now and was not given another option on where she wanted to go in life. This image connects to the section I have read since when the husband had got fired from his job, for his mischievous and drunk behaviour, his boss, Mr.Hollack, advised him to make his wife a prostitute (Roy 41). A loving husband, named “Baba” would have declined and been upset over this recommendation; however, he agreed and told his wife to do so. When his wife, Ammu, said, no, he began…show more content…
Ammu told the twins ... she was used to having him slouching around the pickle factory, and was used to being beaten from time to time” (Roy 49). What was happening in this quote is that, Pappachi, Mammachi’s husband had passed away and she was crying about the loss of him even though they were arguing many times, and Pappachi would beat his wife almost every day. This section reminds me of the T.V show called, Bones in one of the episodes, El Carnicero en el Coche. In this episode, a little boy had shot his mom’s boyfriend since he was always abusing her and beating her. The boy believed that his mom would have been relieved, happy and free not having to suffer through pain from her boyfriend, although she was really upset that her boyfriend had died and told the son that he was worthless and meant nothing to her. I think that both the mom and Mammachi were disappointed when their partners had died because even though, they had hurt them very often, they were still an important part to their lives. This shows how that people can still be in love with someone, even through pain and

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