Descriptive Essay On The Axis House

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Location and habitation define this quaint nature-bound residence situated on the suburban fringes of Bhavnagar, Gujarat. The clients Mr. Darkshak, a young entrepreneur based in Bhavnagar and Mrs. Reena Shah, came with very clear house requirements, they desired a Vastu based plan and a home that shall have all the contemporary qualities that could grace the covers of any design magazine and make its mark among the aspirations of its readers. The earlier residence that the clients occupied had a distinct material palette of Shihor Stone and natural light falling on the stone walls, as a designer, I thoroughly admire these qualities. Therefore, when we started designing this house, we came with a material palette of exposed RCC walls with light streaming on the surfaces, the conceptualisation was an ode to master architect Tadao Ando, specifically the quality he brings to his designs by the juxtaposition of the indoor spaces and the outdoor landscape. The whole house is carved out on and around two parallel axis, which are sheer walls of, exposed concrete. These two lines define the house in their very own way, thus the name The Axis House. The design team’s response to the site was a challenge resolved by introducing an element of suspense into the design. A Zen-styled pathway defined by a dense boulevard leads to a stylistic entrance…show more content…
An essence of minimalism echoes throughout the spaces. Much effort has been taken into customization of interior spatial and decorative elements, ensuring a holistic approach to creating apiece effective in the combination of architectural, interior and landscaped features. The firm's interest in the balance of abundant soft-scape as a compliment instead of a contrast with the built-scapes has enabled us to create such a client and environment-friendly piece of

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