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Description In the United States, laws vary from state to state on views of prostitution. The UNICEF, an organization for children estimated that at least three hundred thousand children under the age of eighteen are involved in prostitution (Prostitution, 2014). In the United States, where prostitution is wide spread, it is often thought to be connected by other crimes. (Prostitution, 2013). In late 1989-1990, seven bodies were found around Central Florida. All the victims were middle aged men, they all were shot multiple times and robbed (Jefferson, 2008). Soon after the investigation the police had found there suspect, a woman who worked as a prostitute her name was Aileen Wuornos. Childhood of Aileen Wuornos Shockingly, many children…show more content…
Maybe if Aileen got help earlier in her childhood, things may have turned out differently. Aileen (Pitman) Wuornos born February 29, 1959 to teenage parents who was separated before the birth of Aileen (Jefferson, 2008). Her biological father served time in a mental hospital and later did time in prison for the rape and kid napping of a young girl. He committed suicide in prison. Her mother soon abandon Aileen and her brother; she left them with the children’s grandparents. Aileen’s grandparents legally adopted her and her brother (Jefferson, 2008). The environment provided for the children was bad from the start. Both grandparents were alcoholics and abusive (Jefferson, 2008). At the age of six, Aileen was burned on her face. At the age of 11, Aileen began trading sexual favors for money, alcohol, and cigarettes. (Jefferson, 2008). After hiding a pregnancy for six months, around the age of fourteen…show more content…
With criminal tendency’s emerging into adulthood, research has shown joint distribution of violent and non-violent crimes happen between late teens and early twenties (Piquero, Brame, Mazerolle, & Haapanen, 2002). Involved in petty crimes through adolescence Aileen was about to hit a breaking point, and she was dubbed as the nation’s first female serial killer and had started killing middle aged men in Central Florida. When Aileen would prostitute she would drink heavily. The first man to be killed was Richard Mallory. Aileen claimed that Mallory had violently raped her, and that she killed him in self-defense. She went on a killing spree, killing seven men between 1989 and 1990 (Jefferson,

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