Brief Summary And Character Analysis: Escape From Spiderhead

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Escape from Spiderhead, is written in first-person, narrated by a guy a named Jeff. Jeff is apparently an inmate in a special detention center, where they experiment on all the prisoners and is taken place sometime in the future with all the new technology present. The experiments are conducted by transmitting certain drugs through each inmate’s “MobiPak” that is attached to their backs. From what I understood from this story, the science experiments ultimately fluctuate each inmate’s moods, feelings, and reactions. The first drug that was present in the story was controlling their levels of love, and how much or little they feel love. “Soon, experiencing the benefits of the flowing Verbaluce™ in our drips, we were not only fucking really well but also talking pretty great” (Saunders 3). With this drug that is able to control levels of love, affection, and interaction, makes you wonder how much us humans depend on these certain chemicals to enjoy life.…show more content…
Abnesti, who is the scientist controlling these experiments says, “Imagine the worst you have ever felt, times ten. That does not even come close to how bad you feel on Darkenfloxx™” (Saunders 7). This very much discourages Jeff from administering the drug to either Heather or Rachel and brings it down to an ethical decision. But Abnesti wanting Jeff to prove if he felt love for either woman, Abnesti goes on and applies the Darkenfloxx to one of the women and eventually kills her

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