President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Leadership During The Great Depression

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A leader of the country has his or her responsibility and duty. Under different situations and circumstances, leaders would make different decisions for their countries. People always argue that if the leaders made by the time and circumstances, or the time and circumstances made the leaders. Some people may argues that just because of the hard circumstances that the leaders are facing help to create the success leader; while others may suggest that leaders create the circumstances and become success because of themselves. From the history speaking, the circumstances and the leaders are the two elements that necessary. Leaders would make great changes under certain circumstances, and help the nation to become better. The Great Depression…show more content…
Roosevelt came to power during the Great Depression time period. He was been elected in 1932. By the year that he been elected, during March, more than 13,000,000 people were unemployed; and majority banks were closed during that time period. In order to solve this problem, changing the circumstances for the citizens, and change the economy status during that time, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his administration came out of the New Deal during his first "hundred days". They came out a series of programs to help to recover the business sector and agriculture sector, and created more job opportunities for people. (The White House) The programs were focusing on three “Rs”: relief, recover, and reform. It provided guides to unemployment and unemployment insurance. More governmental programs such as had more infrastructures came out during that time period; and the government expanded to a larger size during the peace time. More reforms came out during the President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s term. The monetary reforms, the trade reforms, and the regulatory reforms been implemented during that time period in order to help the economy. United States had more government control on the…show more content…
Some people may claim that the New Deal was not successful and not sufficient to both the nation and the economy. Like what Arnold Kling says in his article, “The New Deal, the Solid South, and the Dictators” that it is “the policy successes of contemporary dictatorships” (Kling). And he says that, “Apart from wartime production in 1941-1945, the New Deal never was able to direct the economy with the common purpose, planning, and organization that was originally envisioned” (Kling). Arnold Kling is not the only one. A political scientist, Ira Katznelson, writes a book named Fear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time1 argues about the failures of the New Deal. Ira Katznelson mentions in the book that, “In the United States, the legislature remained an effective center of political life... Its constitutional role was not supplanted. ... It was, in short, the central operative role of Congress that most distinguished the United States from the forces of brutality and the absence of political competition that characterized the dictatorships” (Page 20, Fear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time1). More governmental control on certain sectors especially the business sector that the New Deal had implemented made some people thinks that the New Deal was not effective and successful. They think that the New Deal is far away from the democracy culture that the United States suppose to

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