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Eddie Murphy - Eddie Murphy is odd in that when you see him on the news or being interviewed on a talk show, you have the feeling that he is in some way sleazy or morally questionable, but you can’t figure out exactly why. A lot of that comes from a 1997 incident in which the Beverly Hills Cops star was observed by police as he attempted to do business with a transvestite prostitute. While the prostitute was obviously charged with prostitution, Murphy was released without charge, which meant there was no reason for the scandal not to blow over. Of course, that’s not how things work in Hollywood. The scandal and the embarrassment which came along with hit have been hanging over Murphy’s head for the past two decades and even now limit the…show more content…
However, Furlong’s fame would last only a couple of years before he succumbed to excessive drug use and alcoholism. While Furlong was open about his problems and entered various rehabilitation programs in an attempt to pull himself out of the clutches of addiction, studios were skeptical of his dedication to getting his life back on track and so were unwilling to work with him. Even today, Furlong is said to be battling drug addiction and he is often seen out and about, pot bellied and sweaty, generally clad in filthy clothes which pretty much guarantee no Hollywood studio will ever cast him again. Mark Salling…show more content…
After making her first movie appearance in the 1990 film 1001 Nights, Zeta-Jones went on to star in movies such as The Mask of Zorro, High Fidelity, and the screen adaptation of the beloved musical Chicago. Today, however, Catherine Zeta-Jones is finding it difficult to obtain any meaningful work in Hollywood, through no fault of her own. The now 47-year-old native of Swansea, Wales has been cast aside by once-eager Hollywood producers due to her age, which is apparently too advanced for her to be of any use. To her credit, Zeta-Jones has refused to take this lying down and has been a vocal critic of the lack of roles for older women in Hollywood films. She has shined a harsh light on the film industry’s obsession with youth and good looks (not that she is anything less than breathtakingly beautiful). Bill Cosby - It’s hard to think of anybody whose fall from grace was as rapid or as unexpected as former TV dad Bill Cosby. Cosby, of course, achieved his greatest fame through his beloved television series The Cosby Show, in which he worked tirelessly to present African-American families in a positive light. The success of the show turned him into a household name, if he wasn’t one already, and pretty much cemented him as one of Hollywood’s all-time

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