How Did Latin America Change Since 1492

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. Latin America has changed a lot since 1492 due to key events and expansions that have happened. The first change happened in 1492 with Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the Americas and it expanded from that. Columbus was able to convince King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to give their support on his dream that dealt with a shortcut to the Indies by heading west through the Atlantic Ocean. Since the King and Queen gave their support to Columbus, his financed voyage discovered the American Continent which led to Columbus making 3 more voyages before his death. The Spanish took the initiative and financed other voyages like Amerigo Vespucci and ending up discovering parts in what we know now as Florida, California, and Arizona. The Spaniards exploring effort dealt with a motive about the Roman…show more content…
But American contact with Europeans was at a minimum after Columbus’s and the Spaniards’ voyage exploring efforts mainly due to the agricultural colonies being created by the Spanish immigrants and the African Slave Trade. Only a few European woman traveled to the Americas in the early years of colonization through the African Slave Trade, so there wasn’t much European and American contact until the Columbian Exchange. Spain’s colonization of the New World is an area in which I said I would get back to because it explains how they colonized when they conquered the Indian populations in the sixteenth century. The Spanish’s main goal when they first started exploration was a motive on money. Christopher Columbus made it seem like the Indies were filled with gold and spices and whoever explored and found it first. So they

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