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Samuel Johnson Mr. Brewer AP Human Geography 12 August 2014 What is Geography? We all live out live geographically. Planet Earth, our home planet, is diverse, inspiring, and ever changing. Studying geography invites us to fully submerge our minds in the excitement and the challenges of this dynamic world. It taps into particular wisdom, to help us better understand the places we occupy, why they matter, and how they are associated to a globalized world. Geography draws from physical, cultural, political, and the economic fields to highlight the largely debated topics for the present and future. Through geography we learn to welcome the…show more content…
Language adds a large uniqueness to a community. While some cultural communities use English, others speak Greek, Dutch, Chinese, or any of the other hundreds of languages spoken today. Cultural communities do not have to be just categorized by just religion and language, the communities can be defined by clothing, food, art, and many other cultural components, all of which make for a beautiful culturally diverse

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