Analyzing Rose Shneiderman's Speech On Her Fellow 146 Factory Work

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mselves and the emotional content. The first speech is Rose Shneiderman’s speech on her fellow 146 factory workers’ death in an industrial fire accident. She presented this speech at the Metropolitan Opera house in 1911. Schneiderman passionately condemned the public for turning a blind eye to the harsh conditions of industrial jobs at the time, the lack of law to prevent such mistreatment, and the overwhelming disinterest of the public on such issues. The speech effectively communicates the emotional distrust by using a variety of techniques. She uses metaphors in the beginning to make the public feel as though it was dehumanizing the workers. The use of anaphoric phrases later like “Every week…Every year” and “The Strong Hand of the Law” gives the listener something to ground their emotions too allowing the speaker escalate the level of emotion. The last things that elicit emotional responses are the constant reminders…show more content…
Mark Twain’s speech to graduating class of girls in 1907 is a small reminder not to overdo the bad things in life and to remember to try and be good. The first thing to note is this speech is only about 150 words making it direct and to the point. The use of repetition also helps the speech structurally by giving a format “don’t…to excess. Don’t… to excess.” to the already short speech. The speech falls short by not building much emotional tension as the other speeches on this list before making a closing statement leaving the listener not emotionally invested in the speech. However, to make up for the lack of emotional depth of the subjects, Twain uses various subtle queues throughout the speech to connect himself to the audience like mentioning Mr. Martins name, or how he has been smoking since he was six months old. The content of the speech is also well chosen considering the occasion adding to the speech. Casual life advice is a very fitting thing to say for a graduation and a nice way to top it

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