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Litchfield, Connecticut 1738 a man named Ethan Allen is born. Ethan is best known for the capture of fort Ticonderoga and the leadership of The Green Mountain Boys. He also was a philosopher; he published Reason the Only Oracle of Man. There is no accurate portrait of Ethan himself, by most accounts he was over six feet tall. It was unusual for that time so according to The Ethan Allen Homestead Museum “Even a belligerent person, yet had the power to attract the most devoted and loyal followers.” Ethan was also very educated and intelligent for northern frontiersmen. Ethan was the 7th child of Joseph Allen. Allen’s education did not last after his father, Joseph died in 1755 so he did not attend Yale University like his father intended. Instead he took over the family farm. A few years after his…show more content…
The blackness of night in May 9th, 1775, Ethan joined forces with Benedict Arnold to capture the fort. They led a portion of their militia to travel a half-mile width of Lake Champlain to the base of Fort Ticonderoga. At dawn of May 10th Ethan, the boys, and Benedict invade into the fort and immediately demanding surrender. The commander Garrison Meekly was taken by surprise and fortress was captured without any blood being drawn. According to Ethan said “The captain came immediately to the door, with his breeches in his hand, when I ordered him to deliver the fort to me instantly.” Ethan and the capture of the fortress are a very important victory for the patriots in the revolutionary war. It was known as the first patriot victory in the war. The fort had also contained valuable artillery that was brought over harsh points in later wars. The defeat of the British also was valuable to the patriots because of their new protection in the

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