Persuasive Speech About Abortion

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Imagine a baby, a baby crying helplessly beside a dustbin, hoping for someone to provide her food, welfare and shelter that she needs. She was abandoned by her irresponsible parents, traumatized, hoping someone to bring her home. If she is lucky enough, somebody will adopt her and bring her home. Unfortunately, most of the time these abandoned baby will just die of hunger in cold weather. Should they suffer just because they were born unwanted? Dear audience, do you know that there are around 35% of all women have done at least once abortion by the time they are 45 years old in the United States. Even though, some people view abortion as a cruel action that slaughters a fetus mercilessly, why abortion is still being carried out by 35% of…show more content…
I strongly believe that abortion is a decision that should be made by you instead of the government. I strongly believe that abortion is one of the basic women’s right in the 21st century. I strongly believe that abortion should not be illegalized in our country. You have the right to make your own decision about your body. Government shouldn’t judge abortion as a crime by illegalizing it in our country because it’s not up to the government to decide. It’s the time for politician to stop playing politics with women’s health. Women choose abortion for numerous reasons such as poverty, bad health conditions and insufficient financial support. Some people say that abortion is murder while some other say abortion kills an innocent baby. However, this is not true. Fetus is just a potential life which is incomparable to the life of a person that has the ability to interact with the society. We must acknowledge that abortion will only take away the potential of life of a human being, not their life. Therefore, we must give women the right to choose whether to bring a new life into their life or not. You deserve the right to decide and consider whether to allow a new life that might change their entire life in the future. Giving birth due to unintended pregnant and form a family definitely will interfere your career or education goals. By legalizing abortion, you are given the right to control you own body, your own life and your own future. This will be a great step towards the fight for women’s

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