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Arguably, one of the most famous and popular kinds of martial arts in this world is the sport of Taekwondo. Rooted deep in the times of ancient Korea, it was a practice that continued to grow and prosper worldwide throughout time, eventually evolving into its own sport. It has its own systems of rewarding achievement or advancement in ability and technique and its own set of trademark movements or skills. Hailing from a deeply historical country and a rich culture, it also consists of customary actions and behaviors, especially in regards to interactions with other people. As a sport, it is a popular game for athletes worldwide to participate in in which the rules and regulations will always be kept constant and will enforce fairness. Not only is it a martial art that is just traditional and a popular sport that is played by many athletes, but it is also a practice that is highly beneficial to one’s…show more content…
The most common colored belts include white, yellow, green, blue, red and black. In most professional associations or groups, the level and ranks are a lot more complex; there are multiple subranks to one level. Taekwondo schools may use different colors to signify ranks. The belts are used to demonstrate achievement in particular methods or skills. While Taekwondo is recognized as using belts as a method of achievement or talent, many martial arts also use that system. The awarding of each specific belt is accompanied by a test that must be passed in order to retain your belt and move up a rank. Generally each test will be unique, but eventually, it would test your overall comprehension of what has already been taught. Belt tests would be held every three months until you reach higher levels, and then there will be greater intervals between tests. In particular, receiving a new belt is an honor and shows personal achievement and

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