Pentecostal Ecclesiology Analysis

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The article, Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit: The Promise of Pentecostal Ecclesiology, is transcribed from a speech given by Clark H. Pinnock of several themes within the Pentecostal movement, suggesting that all Christians could benefit from aspects of the Pentecostal ecclesiology. Although he may not be affiliated with what is seen as a traditional Pentecostal denomination, Pinnock states he is charismatic in his beliefs and practices. He insists, “I am one of those among evangelicals who celebrate the good things that God is doing among Pentecostals.” This presupposition should strengthen his following arguments for the promise of a Pentecostal ecclesiology. (He claims he is of Pentecostal beliefs, but the community he fellowships…show more content…
The foundation Pinnock establishes in most of his article is the connection between the charismatic anointing of Jesus’ ministry with the charismatic ministry of the Church. Pinnock explains the promising characteristics of Pentecostal ecclesiology through biblical and theological witnesses as well as his own personal experiences, and he offers solutions to help us begin to build a theology of the church. The themes covered by Pinnock are: The anointed herald of God’s kingdom; A Trinitarian society; A church oriented to mission; A fellowship of the Spirit; A continuing charismatic structure; and an institutional dimension. Key Arguments The Anointed Herald of God’s Kingdom: The Pentecostal view of the church is seen as a continuance of an anointed herald of God’s kingdom. “The coming near of…show more content…
Pinnock writes, “Mission is inherent in Christianity according to the New Testament. It is also at the heart of the Pentecostal movement as everyone must acknowledge.” Because of the experience of God’s love and empowerment of Spirit, the church is oriented to mission. The universality of the gospel compels the church to advance forward to the ends of the earth with the ministry of reconciliation. In a Pentecostal ecclesiology, the body of the church is empowered by the Spirit to declare the Good News. Jesus has given the church an apostolic calling, just as the Father gave him.

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