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Natural fibres are those which originate from plant, animal and mineral sources. Natural fibres can be classified as following: (a) Animal fibre (b) Mineral fibre (c) Plant fibre Animal Fibre Animal fibre are made up of protiens such as silk, wool, cashmere etc. 1. Animal hair (wool or hair): Fibre extracted from animals or hairy mammals . E.g. Sheep’s wool, goat hair (cashmere, mohair) 2. Silk fibre: In the preparation of cocoons the saliva of bugs are used to extract fibre. Examples include silk from silk worms. 3. Avian fibre: Fibres from birds, e.g. feathers and feather fibre. Mineral fibre Mineral fibres are naturally occurring fibre or slightly modified fibre procured from minerals. These can be categorized into the following : 1. Asbestos:…show more content…
Transportation Automobile interior, boat, etc. The reasons for the application of natural fibres in the automotive industry include: • Low density: which may lead to a weight reduction of 10 to 30%. • Acceptable mechanical properties • Good acoustic properties. • Favorable processing properties, for instance low wear on tools, etc. • Options for new production technologies and materials. • Favorable accident performance, high stability, less splintering. • Favorable ecobalance for part production. • Favorable ecobalance during vehicle operation due to weight savings. • Occupational health benefits compared to glass fibres during production. • No off-gassing of toxic compounds (in contrast to phenol resin bonded wood and recycled Cotton fibre parts) and reduced fogging behavior. • Price advantages both for the fibres and the applied technologies. 1.3.3. Advantages of Natural Fibre Composites The main advantages of natural fibre composite are: 1. Low specific weight, resulting in a higher specific strength and stiffness than glass fibre. 2. It is a renewable source of energy which gives out oxygen using carbon dioxide 3. Generable with low investment at low

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