Advantages Of British Labor Systems

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Since the beginning of exploration and colonization of the New World the Europeans empires had to continuously try out many different strategies to colonization when they found one did not work or over time became less effective. This idea can be seen in British labor systems established in their colonies from 1600-1763. The British came over to the New World and began small with little groups who began with fur trade and the colonies began to grow and grow and they began farming and growing crops. Throughout this time period with the trade of many different goods, the continuous population growth, and the demand for new crops the British had to do their best to keep up and prosper and they did this by constantly changing their labor system due to their continuous growth.…show more content…
The British started with small groups of explorers and they hunted and traded but it was all for themselves, all so they could survive. The early settlers had no intention and no means of mass producing any kinds of crops or anything. Over the course of a few years they began to get settled down in the New World and they realized there was potential for so much profit in the New World. Once the British settled and saw how they could mass produce these new cash crops and make a lot of money they began to use the Natives as slaves. The Natives were the first people the Europeans came in contact with in the New World and the Europeans figured the Natives knew the land best and they could get the Natives to do work for them. This idea was working for the British until all the Natives began dying from the exposure of new diseases from the Europeans. Once all the Natives began dying then the British had to come up with a new

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