Advantages And Disadvantages Of Retail Banking

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• Recurring Deposits: These are additionally called cumulative deposits and appropriate to repeating recurring deposit account holders, a specified measures of funds are required to be mandatorily saved at particular interims for a predefined period. • Retail Banking: Retail banking is the type of Banking services for individual customers. • Revenue deficit: Revenue deficit means the net amount received by the way of taxes & other forms fails to reach the predicted amount receivable by the government. • Retail banking, can otherwise be known as the consumer banking, is the way of services by a bank to individual consumers, rather than to corporate sectors, companies or, other financial institutions. Services offered include mortgages, personal…show more content…
Along these lines, it can be said as it is the proportion of cash and some other affirmed to liabilities (stores). SLR rate is resolved and kept up by the RBI with a specific end goal to control the development of bank credit. SLR is resolved as the level of aggregate request and level of time liabilities. Time Liabilities are identified with commercial bank subject to pay to the clients on their whenever request. SLR is utilized to control swelling and push development. Ordinarily, it manages the credit growth in…show more content…
The major type of products and services such as - Deposits, Current Account, Saving Account, Loans/Advances, Home Loan, Vehicle Loan, Education Loan, Personal Loan, Debit Card, Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, State Govt. Tax Collections, International Banking, Rural Banking, Financial Inclusion, 2.7 CURRENT STATUS OF BANKS IN INDIA: Table – 3.1 : Growth of banking sector in India Sl. No. Important indicators Mar'17 Mar'16 Mar'15 Mar'14 Mar'13 1 All Scheduled Commercial Banks 150 149 148 146 153 No. of Reporting Offices Rural 48,232 46,577 48,033 43,641 38,451 Semi-urban 37,880 36,464 33,523 30,926 27,822 Urban 24,877 23,867 23,522 21,783 20,127 Metropolitan 26,781 25,679 20,785 19,472

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