Cultural Culture In Macau

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Around the world, almost every people have been visited to the Macau. Macau is the located at west of Hong Kong while southwest of Guangzhou. The popular entertainment place in Macau is the casino. Almost every tourist visit there is because of the casino. In between, Macau is a region that has a lot of interesting social culture should be visit except the gambling purpose. Culture of Macau is origin part of the Chinese culture, but unfortunately from mid-16th century to 1999, Macau has long been the Portuguese colonial. (Anon., 2015) So until nowadays, all those language, food, religion, architecture, and so on are already become a unique fusion of Chinese and western cultures. First is the languages used in Macau, people that stay in the…show more content…
The major of cooking method is Guangdong region and ingredients. Besides that, the cooking method’s characteristics that from Hong Kong, Portuguese, Indian, Southeast Asia and Africa are also become a part of food culture in Macau. Due of these cultural, Macau have come out a lot of signature Macau dish such as roast, toast, satay and so on. (Anon., 2015) Each people will have 3 meals in one day. When Saturday or Sunday, the whole family will go out to have breakfast, however Macau lunch time is between 1pm to 2pm. Due of the land of Macau is limited, almost all the people will back home to have dinner while the left one might have meal in fast food restaurant. Furthermore, Hong Kong is very near Macau, the cultural of Hong Kong was also spread to Macau, which is the high tea time. Usually around 4.30pm. In additional, some people will have their supper at the stall due of their shift is night time. (Anon., 2015) It is because the food culture have been mixed out with Portuguese, so when tourist come to travel at Macau, tourist will have the chances to enjoy the signature food that contain Cantonese and Portuguese culture while will also stimulate the economic. But it also will impact the price of supply those ingredients, according the marketing theory, if the demand increase, the supply will lower and the price to sell the product will…show more content…
In Macau, there have a lot of casino with large scale and small scale. Since 2002, the Macao Special Administrative Region Government will only issue the gambling franchise license to three companies which are the Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, Wynn Macau, Limited and Galaxy Entertainment Group. Almost every year, the gambling industry is keeps increasing. Gambling is a game that can let people be excited during playing and also can cause people rich and poor in one night. Gambling like taking drug will cause people addiction. It consider a poisoning that kill people. In additional, gambling also will destroy a wonderful family. Undeniably, gambling industry can help to stimulate the economic while will bring Macau to a good future. But, gambling will bring disadvantages to people. So be alert when

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