Deterioration Of Palm Leaf Essay

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Seasoning of Palm leaf Tender four to five week young palm leaves from tree. Select the good ones from bunch and dried in the shade for two weeks. These leaves kept in the water for 15 days, again kept in the dew at least 2 nights, then dipped in the turmeric solution, and again dried under the shade, after dry rubbed over a wooden roller to smoothen both surfaces. These seasoned leaves are cut into required size, often punched one or two holes through which a cord passes to bind the leaves. In south Indian fresh palm were dried in the shade, to make smooth gingerly oil applied over both surface. In Odisha state to use the palm leaves as writing material hanged the young palm leaves were hung in kitchen for 21 days and turmeric paste…show more content…
To make the panel form the leaves as a hanging, the palm leaves were stiched by needle and thread. Deterioration of Palm Leaf The palm leaf manuscripts also deteriorate by various factors thus proper care is necessary to avoid such deteriorations. Some general causes of deteriorations of Palm leaf manuscripts are… 1. Eaten by insect such as termites, silver fish, book lice, mots and cockroaches 2. Stuck due to insect attack, excess oiling and moisture. 3. Wrapping of leaves takes place because leaves are not kept tightly between wooden boards and due to uncontrolled drying in the sun light. e. Edges get broken due to insect attack, mishandling by users and when wooden boards are smaller than the Manuscripts.. f. Brittle leaves break when the atmosphere becomes very dry and leaves lose their moisture, lighting fixed inside the showcases dry up the leaves and make them brittle. g. Stains and pen marks are formed when the users and custodians become careless. h. Leaves get damaged at string holes because of constant uncontrolled

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