Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digitalization

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1 INTRODUCTION The world we live in today is digitizing itself be it the bsiness, studies, administration, etc. Each and every aspect of the world has a digital clone or is migrating itself to the digital world, documents in written form are no exception to it. Government offices, various business, historians, researchers, etc. are trying to gain & grant a wider access to various forms of documents (older as well as the latest ones that are produced daily). Storing & duplicating these documents and maintaining these for long period is not easy, safe and mostly cannot be guaranteed. Thus importance of scanning documents, images, etc has gained lot importance and has also become a standard practice with many. To ensure that these stored documents…show more content…
Further, to ensure archiving with backups for guaranteed retrieval of the scanned documents, a highly efficient method preserving the quality of the scanned. Given the nature of scanned documents which are scanned images of documents Compression is not a straight forward job. The compression may be done as image compression as a continuous tone picture or compression may be done after binarization. In the later case, the binarized document is compressed using the existing methods of two-level lossless compression through JBIG and JBIG2 or through character recognition. But the drawbacks of binarization which cause heavy degradation of object counters and textures, it is preferable to go for the former method of continuous-tone compression. In case of multiple page documents, continuous-tone algorithms such as JPEG or JPEG2000 can be used, which encode the individual scanned document images. Further, the soft edges of the scanned documents challenge the multilayer approach followed by MRC (mixed raster content), thus calling for pre and post processing[23]. Due to this consideration has to be given to the efficient dictionary based encoder relying on continuous tone pattern matching of the natural text having repetitive…show more content…
Some of these compression techniques are designed for the specific kinds of images, so they will not be so good for other kinds of images. In Some algorithms let us change few parameters they use to adjust the compression better to the image. Image compression is an application of data compression that encodes the original image with fewer bits. The objective of image compression [1] is to reduce the redundancy of image and to store or transmit data in an efficient form. Compression ratio is defined

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