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In Good Standing In most churches when the word deacon is mentioned, we think of those who occupy the front pew of the church, those who conduct devotion, those who collect and count the money after each offering, those who assist the Pastor with communion and any other task appointed to them by the pastor. So we see deacons not only occupy the front pew, they fulfill many other functions in the church. The same is true when we think of the deaconess. There are some things that just come to mind. They are the ones who are dressed in white adorned with their magnificent white hats who so properly take their place on the front row during the Lord’s Supper. They prepare the communion, dress the Lord’s Table and lead that old familiar hymn,…show more content…
There are bible scholars who have varying interpretations of who Paul is speaking of when he speaks of the deaconess. Some believe Paul is speaking of another office in the local body comprised of godly women of a certain age. Others, however, believe that Paul refers to the wife of a deacon. It could be interpreted that both are true and that the deacon, his wife, and the elder women of the church are to work together as a team serving the church. One unified body endeavoring to keep the unity with all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, all the while forbearing one another in love; so who ever holds the position of deaconess should be serious about the Word of God, have the ability to be calm, cool and collected in any given situation, one that does not yield herself to gossip, is sober and fair-minded, is faithful in all things involving Jesus Christ, the church and her husband. So if we were to magnify the words deacon and deaconess we would find this simple statement inscribed on each, Servant “One who lives by and yields to the will and way of God and boldly stands fast on his faith in Jesus Christ who has ordained him in the service of his or her position. Or it could just simply be stated as, “One in Good

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