Infidelity In Kate Chopin's 'The Storm'

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“The Storm” Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” supports infidelity by stating through the characters that it is a considerable thing to do. In our world, infidelity is one of the most popular causes of divorce and there is even a law stating that when you get married and you are unfaithful the person is committing adultery. Summarizing what is the conflict in the story; a married woman named Calixta has the opportunity to be with her long lost love, Alceé, and they both were unfaithful to their spouses by sleeping together while a storm was passing by. Although we as human beings know that this is wrong, they felt that it was not wrong at all and they just lived their lives like nothing ever happened. We can understand that they loved each other, but they were still married and they both had children, and that is the only reason why they should not committed such an action. Comparing the story with the world, it is very wrong to do such a thing, but also, and the worst part of all, is that it is a very common thing to do. When you finish reading the story you begin to ask yourself, how can Calixta and Alceé live with such peace after the disgraceful thing they did? Is their love that strong of being capable to…show more content…
It may be possible that she thinks that love is very powerful, and that women can do and choose whoever they want in their lives. Although we already have “that person”, it is possible to be with another person if we want to, if we have that desire and it is good. What if Calixta’s husband, Bobinôt, knew about his wife’s betrayal? How would he react? How would he feel? Did she ever think of her child? Maybe she is trying to portray how women were forced to marry or were retained with their personal necessities, but still she did not have the right to be so disrespectful, especially to a husband who loved her very much, and in Alceé’s case, he had a wife who was very patient and

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