Kate Chopin's 'The Storm'

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Kate Chopin’s intense short story The Storm communicated that marriage is not for everyone. Anyone can be married and have a family, but not anybody can love the idea of marriage. The Storm started off in Friedheimer’s store, where Bobnit, Calixta’s husband, and Bibi, Calixta’s son, were forced to stay put until the storm had passed. This story allows the readers to interpret how our surroundings affect the way we act and feel towards others. Therefore, Chopin uses her skills to demonstrate how sexual relations can spark by just the sound of rain and the warmth of the temperature. The affair is portrayed as a necessary escape from reality, the fulfillment of lusts felt in years past. The storyline forms the feeling that the affair was necessary in order to maintain satisfaction in their own marriages. Chopin’s attitude is that everyone needs a break in one way or another, at certain times in their relationships. Whether it is to simply take a breath of fresh air or to take a break from the married life or to satisfy lusts, the overall attitude toward the affair is that it is part of a bigger picture in which all parties, though obviously unspoken amongst themselves, need a short break. Chopin is implying that not all marriages are happy marriages. During that time period, women…show more content…
Men's adultery was never punished, but there were dire consequences for women who found lovers either within marriage or after separation"(Gunna). This is important because what Calixta did was a crime and “Thou shalt not commit adultery” is one of the ten commandments. She still had feelings for her ex-partner that led her to having sex with him. I can interpret that she was very unhappy with her marriage and cheated. It's never okay to cheat on your spouse and abuse your marriage. Seems like in the 1800s there were a lot of marital problems and woman that committed this crime seem to be
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