Achilles Hero Quest

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In the movie Troy, Achilles faces many psychological battles as he is called to be the Greek hero of the Trojan War. In the beginning of the movie, Achilles is a stubborn soldier who cares very little for his homeland. This is made evident when Achilles is found to be missing as Agamemnon tries to conquer Thessaly. Unlike the other soldiers of Greece, he is not motivated by love and loyalty for his country. Rather, he is selfish and only motivated by things that give him his own personal gain. At the beginning of the movie, his strong desire to be remembered for ages after his death is one thing that motivates him to fight in the Trojan War. Throughout the movie, Achilles goes from a stubborn warrior with the desire of fame, to one who fought for love.…show more content…
However, he initially turns down the call to the hero quest. His mother Thetis becomes his mentor when she tells him he can be famous for fighting in the war and end up dying, or he can live a long and happy life and be forgotten. After much contemplation, he decides to go and fight because he wants his name to be remembered long after he dies. Patroclus is an archetype for the loyal helper to Achilles, as he is willing to help out even when Achilles thinks it is best for him to stay back. One example of this is when he was told to take ship duty on the beaches of Troy. Helen is another example of an archetype in the movie Troy. She is the archetypal tempress, as her physical beauty brings about the downfall of

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