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Gilgamesh and The Iliad are two of the greatest epics in human history. Homer’s epics are usually used to exemplify the characteristics which every epic should possess. The problem with this common belief is The Iliad was not the first epic to use these characteristics and its themes are not as original as many think. In fact, it is very possible Homer was not only influenced by the writings of Gilgamesh but also used many of the epic’s themes as well. First, it is necessary to examine how each of these novels actually fit in with the common characteristics of an epic which we have adopted in the modern age. Once the examination of the basic characteristics is completed it will start to become very obvious just how similar these two epics actually…show more content…
The way in which Homer uses these themes suggests he used Gilgamesh as a base for his great epics. Gilgamesh was a main influence and even a springboard which lead Homer to create our idea of the “Homeric epic” in modern times. The epic of Gilgamesh is the oldest recorded story of which we know. It was written around 2700 B.C. Homer’s Iliad was written almost 2000 years later around 760 B.C. Despite the debate between whether Homer was one person or many people, it is possible he was influenced by Gilgamesh because it was a historical piece of literature by the time Homer was writing. Before examining how the epics are similar, however, it is necessary that the characteristics of a true epic and the…show more content…
Gilgamesh being a king is an important part of the epic as a whole because it is what starts his “epic journey”. Gilgamesh’s journey begins during his conversation with his mother Ninsun who was a goddess. Gilgamesh is asking his mother about a dream he had, to which his mother responds by saying: The ax is a man / Who is your friend and equal. / He will come. A graceful man / Who will lift you out of tiredness. (Gilgamesh 1.

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